Every day is a gift and you’re not ready to slow down.  You’re just discovering your best life now.  Rediscover your youthful energy in an inspiring environment. 

Pilates for Boomers helps baby-boomers improve their fitness, health and well being through Pilates classes tailored to your age and level of fitness. 

Each class focuses on providing a beneficial workout without the stress and injury potential of running, weight lifting, or aerobics.

What’s in it for you?

Increased flexibility, mobility and bone density, decreased stress, inflammation and stiffness, all providing a better quality of life! 

My name is Len Palombi, and like you, I am a baby-boomer!  We’re getting “older”, but we’re not letting life pass us by!  We value our independence and want to stay active and injury free.   We know that our health is our #1 asset. 

A few years ago, I felt my age clock ticking.  I no longer had the “get up and go” of my youth.  The alarm went off and it woke me up.  I began pursuing fitness with a passion.  I lost weight, discovered Pilates and loved it so much, I became an Instructor!

Each Pilates for Boomers class is tailored specifically for baby boomers and my clients enjoy exercising in a group they can relate to!  With firsthand knowledge of what Pilates feels like in a baby-boomer body, I can help you

Rediscover your youthful energy!