About Me

I love Pilates and I love you!

I want to help you realize better health through movement. Imagine enjoying a life free from pain with increased strength, balance, and flexibility.

I am committed to listening to your goals, understanding your struggles, providing quality instruction, and being trusted to always work in your best interests.

My Story

Turning 50 was a wake up call for me. I began to notice signs of aging; stiffness, less flexibility, more aches and pains, not being able to do things I did when I was younger. I figured that if I felt this way at 50, what would life be like at 70 or 80? After trying different fitness methods, I discovered Pilates and began an incredible transformation. It was a way of exercising that just felt right. I felt stronger, breathed deeper, and stood taller. I had more energy and my flexibility improved. The stiffness I’d attributed to “getting older” had gone and I was more confident about maintaining a great quality of life.

When outsourcing eliminated my corporate job I decided to take the plunge and join a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. At age 60, I became an instructor. A dedication to continuing education has added skills for working with Osteoporosis, Hip and Knee replacement, and Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery.

Now, I can help you realize your own transformation.

From making better health choices, taking my first Pilates class, and finally teacher training, I became a Pilates instructor!

I'd love to help you achieve your own transformation through Pilates.

Working With Me

I have a 73 year old private student who is very motivated to remain active and is dedicated to Pilates. I’ve helped her develop a regular, safe, and challenging practice. Her strength and ability have increased to the point where she feels confident taking group classes.

Her 83-year-old husband also began seeing me. He confided that his goal was to be able to get down on the floor and play with his grandchildren. After working with him for about six months he was able to do just that. I was touched when he shared some pictures of him down on the floor, playing with his grandchildren.


A 65-year-old woman came to me in a wheelchair. She had pronounced scoliosis, Parkinson's, abnormalities in her feet which required special shoes, and partial paralysis in one hand. She desperately wanted to do Pilates so I decided to focus on what she could do.

We started simply, with breathing,which was a challenge for her. As her breath became stronger, we added resistance, countering her Parkinson’s tremors.

Soon we added spring resistance, suspending her legs in space allowing them to move freely without the confinement of shoes or wheelchair. A wonderful smile appeared on her face. This became one of her favorite exercises.


I have a 73-year-old private student who is very competitive. He was a rock climber in his younger days and was still out to prove himself. He became frustrated when he couldn’t do an exercise he thought he should be able to do. Because we’re close in age I was able to relate and form a good relationship and empathize with his “getting older”. He still has a ways to go, but by focusing on what he can do and celebrating his accomplishments he’s coming to peace with what we refer to as “the new normal”.


I have a 64-year-old private student who loves Pilates. Unfortunately, she only does it when we have a session, about twice a week. She became frustrated when she felt she was not progressing as fast as she wanted to. Acknowledging her goals and empathizing with her frustration I’ve been encouraging her to develop a self practice so that she can do Pilates outside of the studio and increase her frequency to three times per week. In addition to progressing her skills we've been working on creating “at home” routines that she can do on her own.