Client Stories

Al's Story

As I entered my sixties, I really noticed more aches and pains. In particular, I became aware of a continuing loss of core flexibility. I was reminded one day how hunched over my father became in his later years when, while walking the dog I realized that I was looking down at the ground more than the dog was!
The problem was that I didn’t know where to start and I felt too busy and too tired to try anything. That is when I encountered Pilates through Len's gentle suggestions. He was just getting started at the time so I have had the pleasure of watching him develop his teaching methods. Len is skilled in listening to his clients; devising plans which build strong Pilates fundamentals; and encouraging clients to stay on course and celebrate progress.
When I began, it seemed impossible that I could avoid the hunch-over fate of my father, but today I carry myself very differently and enjoy the challenges that Len puts before me in order to further my progress.

Linda's Story

I have been taking Pilates lessons from Len for a year and a half. Prior to working with Len, I had challenges with back and neck pain for thirty plus years. His careful and gentle guidance and instruction in Pilates has allowed me to strengthen my core muscles and improve my posture and overall strength. My pain has been significantly reduced. Len's calm demeanor and soothing voice are a welcome respite and I always look forward to working with him.

Carol's Story

The Bone Safe ™ Pilates approach continues to target those muscle groups identified to be weak or compromised and effectively strengthens them for me resulting in alleviating the chronic stress and pain I've dealt with. Len's thoughtful consideration of one's specific issues results in a customized treatment that works. My improvement has been noticeable to me in many ways, not only in how I feel but in what I need to work on and how to do it.

Sue's Story

My Pilates experience has been phenomenal. I have been through the initial stages of knowing absolutely nothing and pushing my body to do things I didn’t imagine were possible, to a stage of complete confidence and competence in three short months. I am so surprised and pleased to be my new, fit self.
The first change has been in my ability to breathe more deeply and with control. Initially my lung capacity was inadequate. It took several weeks for that to develop so that breathing was coordinated with physical movement. That has made a huge difference in my competence with all the exercises.
The next change has been the way my clothes fit. My shape has changed and my body has become so much firmer. This has really improved my appearance and self-esteem. Finally, I have a new confidence that is physical but also emotional. I carry myself differently when I walk and when I sit. I’m feeling so much less stressed out on a daily basis and always looking forward to my next Pilates session.
Len has been able to help me understand every step as we have progressed through these twelve weeks. This includes giving me the rationale of why something is done the way it’s required, demonstrating exercises as needed and helping me reflect on my experience. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to work with him in changing and improving myself.

Christi's Story

Len has been my Pilates instructor since March of 2011. I was new to Pilates and couldn't have been introduced to the profession by a more patient, knowledgeable teacher. With Len's guidance I have progressed in my abilities, my confidence level and overall health and well-being.

Ellen's Story

Len is a thoughtful, caring teacher of Pilates who is always willing to go the extra mile for his students. His ever-expanding base of Pilates knowledge helps inspire and define all those who work with him, as a co-worker or as a student.