It is with heart felt gratitude that I wish to acknowledge these wonderful people

for contributing to my transformation:

Binita Guibord – for introducing me to the Pilates method and inspiring me to begin my journey.

Regan Hoerster, Master Pilates Instructor and Owner of Village Pilates Studio ( for accepting me into the teacher training program, her confidence, support and encouragement, and her expert instruction, enabling me to successfully complete the training and achieve my goal to become a Pilates instructor.

Staff and Trainees at Village Pilates Studio for all their encouragement and support.

Michael Miller of Michael Miller Pilates ( for fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Joseph Pilates’ original work and how to honor that in my teaching.

Jenna Zaffino, Owner and Director at Helios Center for Movement( for some great workshops and training in Bone Safe™ Pilates for clients with Osteoporosis.

Kylie Saunder, Founder of PilatesYogaBiz ( for helping me to get in touch with who I am, find my voice and share it with the world.

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver, Founders of TantraNova Institute ( for their amazing visioning workshop which opened my eyes to my life’s purpose.

Janna Childs, Massage Therapist at Four Hands Chicago( for her gift of healing and continuing support.

Shakta Kaur and Hari Dev Singh at Kundalini Yoga in the Loop ( for welcoming me to their community, teaching me the power of the breath and touching my soul with the gong.

Carrie Collins, Founder of Stretch-Chi ( for introducing me to meridian flexibility and resistance stretching, releasing years of built up muscle aches and pains.

Fran Scott, Program Manager at Health Fitness Corp.( for her wellness coaching, weight loss facilitation and stimulating philosophical discussions.

Kristin Sanders, Founder of Balanced Yoga and Fitness( for encouraging and supporting my fitness journey, hours and hours of personal training, assisted stretching and best of all, yoga on the lakefront.

Jill Coyne, Certified Rolfer at Third Coast Rolfing( for introducing me to rolfing, bringing me into alignment and being one of my practice students during my Pilates training.

Gina Axelson, Founder of The Pilates Biz ( for her inspiration, support, encouragement, generosity, and amazing formula for success.

All my Clients for their confidence and support and teaching me how to be a better instructor.

And to my wonderful wife Cindy

for her ongoing love and support.